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Hail car-park king Gareth Wild and his Covid-beating fantasy | Rebecca Nicholson

The story of the man who pulled into every spot at his local supermarket is the epitome of lockdown entertainment

‘This is quite you,” my girlfriend said, reading the story of Gareth Wild, who last week completed his mission to park in every parking space at his local Sainsbury’s supermarket in Bromley, south-east London. I took it well – it is quite me. Wild used the satellite view of the car park to make several stages of colour-coded diagrams and then a spreadsheet, and finally, on Tuesday, he tweeted that he had parked in all 211 eligible spaces and completed his magnum opus.

“I find enjoyment in the little, banal things in life,” Wild told the Daily Mirror. Clearly, I am not the only person who can relate. These last 13 months or so have been a blank canvas for finding entertainment in places where it previously could not, or should not, have been found. This is why banana bread and sourdough starters became popular and then became popular punchlines. It is why my local Hobbycraft still has a queue to rival Ibiza’s summer hotspots, though it has to be said, with a much more friendly clipboard queen and more punters in fleeces.

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