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Has living through Covid made me a hypochondriac? I asked some experts | Maeve Higgins

I’m doing my best to act normal, but I’ve become incredibly aware of other people’s snuffling, coughing and wheezing. Am I vigilant – or paranoid?

Like the unnamed woman Drake sings about in his 2015 hit Hotline Bling, I’ve been wearing less – at least metaphorically – and going out more. Apparently she started to behave that way ever since Drake left the city. Before that, he laments, she “used to always stay at home, be a good girl”. I started to behave that way ever since Covid-19 left the city – except, of course, it didn’t.

The pandemic is very much with us, and on top of that, it’s cold and flu season. Of course, most New Yorkers are vaccinated and masked, and restrictions on our work and social lives have eased massively. I need to go to work, and I need to live my life. So I’m trying to take the train, meet friends, eat in restaurants and see shows. I should enjoy this moment while I can – but I can’t.

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