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Here’s what the UK can learn from other countries’ responses to Covid-19 | Siva Anandaciva

The NHS has much to be proud of, but it was stymied by lack of funding and a staffing crisis that other health systems avoided

Looking at how health services in different countries have responded to Covid, we can see some common ground. Many countries are increasing funding for health services, expanding the number of frontline clinical staff, providing separate areas to care for patients with confirmed or suspected Covid-19, and using digital technology to deliver virtual rather than face-to-face appointments.

But there are some distinctions: peer a bit closer and it is clear that we have something to teach and something to learn from every healthcare system. The UK has its achievements to share, from a nationalised (and devolved) system that can pool surgical resources in local areas and support mass trials to test new treatments, to a historically strong primary care model that played a key role in delivering the largest vaccination programme in British history while continuing to deliver daily care to patients.

Siva Anandaciva is chief analyst of policy at the King’s Fund, an independent charitable organisation working to improve health and care in England

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