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How can you tell remote work is over? Zoom has ordered employees back to the office | Arwa Mahdawi

Working from home offered the chance for a great rebalancing of family, friendship and our careers. But the dream is fading fast

I started my career in the corporate world and soon realised that I was extremely bad at corporate-ing. My main problem was that I liked to leave the office and have a life which was obviously a big no-no for anyone hoping for career progression.

At one point a superior had to sit me down and tell me sternly that I should never be seen leaving before 8pm at the earliest, even if I had nothing to do. So, in a misguided attempt at climbing the greasy pole, I started printing Wilkie Collins novels, sticking them in an official looking binder, and poring over them with a highlighter, so it looked like I was doing important business things. No need to tell you that I didn’t last very long at that job.

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