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How Covid keeps surprising us and confounding the experts

More than two years into the pandemic, the virus continues to evolve in unpredictable and surprising ways, says science correspondent Hannah Devlin

We’re now more than two years into the Covid pandemic in the UK, and despite successive rounds of vaccinations and booster shots the virus is still rife. More than one in 19 people currently have it.

The Guardian’s science correspondent Hannah Devlin tells Michael Safi that the way Covid is evolving continues to surprise scientists. Many believed that Covid would behave like other coronaviruses and be a seasonal illness that an annual winter jab could protect against. But this latest wave is in summer, and it has come very close on the heels of the last wave. Not only that but it seems to be continually finding new ways to get around the protections of the body’s immune system. Even those who have had the virus and multiple jabs are still getting reinfected.

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