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I became a super commuter and felt like if there was a system, I had gamed it. Then came the pandemic | Brigid Delaney

Being a geographical polyamorist with Victoria and Sydney worked pre-Covid. Now it’s time to pick a side

Five years ago I had a teeny tiny house deposit and a desire to settle down (sort of). The only place I could afford was the regions, so I bought a cottage there and left Sydney (sort of).

I was not one of those people who wrote a “fuck off Sydney” piece as I slammed the door on the way out. I still loved its pagan heart and obscene beauty – even if the only thing the city loved in return was money. Cash poor but rich in social assets, I had almost two decades of social and professional infrastructure built in that town. I had a life goddammit … it was difficult to just walk away. But the insane property market won’t yield to you just because you have an almost spiritual experience driving down the Cahill Expressway during golden hour.

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