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‘I sit down to rest at 10pm’: the toll on single parents in lockdown

Single parents in lockdown are facing exhaustion, isolation and financial insecurity brought on by the Covid pandemic, but they just ‘keep on going’

There are days where Julie wakes up and her heart starts pounding straight away. “And I’m not even properly awake enough to know what it is.” Then the Melbourne single mother of two remembers what she’s worried about – money.

Julie has a daughter completing year 11 and a son in grade 1. She shares care with her son’s father, but her daughter’s dad has never really been around. A counsellor, Julie started her own business just before Covid hit, and since then, the work has been up and down. She’s currently on jobseeker as her clients have once again dropped away with Melbourne’s latest lockdown. She is now eating into her savings, but feels lucky to have them.

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