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If you want to know about life in an unvaccinated country, look to Uganda | Jackee Budesta Batanda

Africa is paying the price of western hoarding, and my country will endure Covid lockdowns until we get more doses

• Jackee Budesta Batanda is a Ugandan writer and entrepreneur

My gardener, Emmanuel, returned a few days ago after a five-month hiatus. One of the conditions for his return was that he needed to be vaccinated. He comes from Karamoja in the north-eastern part of Uganda, where the vaccine uptake was low, so he was able to get vaccinated.

I first thought that he was fibbing, as many Ugandans are prone to do when they get fake documents in order to get a pass. I checked his card and confirmed he had a genuine vaccination card. He told me that his whole family had been vaccinated.

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