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I’m a Covid researcher – and I have long Covid. That’s why I have to be part of the fight against it | Stephanie Longet

I am one of two million sufferers in the UK. When I read new studies, I am also trying to understand what’s going on in my legs

I first arrived in the UK from Switzerland in 2019 to work at the High Consequence Emerging Viruses Group at what is now the UK Health Security Agency. At the time, my project was focused on Ebola virus disease survivors. I was excited for a new chapter in the Ebola field. But Covid quickly changed our plans.

We applied our skills to develop Covid treatments and new antivirals. I was involved in early research to study the Sars-CoV-2 infection, and test vaccine candidates.The lab moved to the University of Oxford, where we joined a consortium of researchers who were studying how the immune system was responding after people had been vaccinated.

Stephanie Longet is a postdoctoral researcher in immunology at the University of Oxford, and an expert in infectious diseases and vaccination

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