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I’m struggling to talk to friends in lockdown. Being alone has been a relief | Naoise Dolan

I am autistic, and it does not take a lot to overwhelm me. This has been a terrible year, but socialising is stressful, writes the Women’s prize-nominated author

I haven’t socialised with anyone in six months and it is entirely my fault. I live in London and have friends within walking distance. There are many more elsewhere who I owe a Zoom. Dozens of people have messaged and I’ve been too anxious to reply; I just hope they’re thinking that I’m doing my best. As a result of my own decisions, I have not said a word aloud to someone who is not my colleague, family member or flatmate since September. And I’ve thrown up on the latter, so he’s basically family, too.

Is this some bogus monastic sacrifice? Am I resistance-training for all possible levels of a future lockdown? No, I’m just autistic, and it does not take a lot to overwhelm me.

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