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Impeachment trial: Trump’s defense team expected to keep arguments brief – live

Mike Pence has “no plans to condemn Trump or to speak out during the Senate impeachment trial”, the Washington Post reported, despite the near miss the former-vice president experienced on January 6.

Video shown by impeachment managers this week showed Pence fleeing as Trump’s supporters broke into the Capitol, but the close call was apparently not enough to spur Pence into action.

[Pence] is still operating from a playbook of obsequiousness that has become second nature — never airing grievances publicly, and delivering his often rose-colored counsel to Trump only in private, one-on-one settings.

As we gear up for Trump’s lawyers to present their defense, here’s a handy clip of congressman Jamie Raskin, the lead impeachment manager, making the case that Trump incited his supporters on January 6.

Yesterday Raskin wrapped up the House’s case against the president, asking senators:

Rep. Raskin: Trump HAS incited violence before. Roll the tape

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