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In the pandemic £27bn worth of fraud was committed – why aren’t we angrier? | Adrian Chiles

The small business bounce-back loan scheme could end up costing enough to pay for the universal credit uplift four times over. Yet there has been no outcry

We have never been far from fury since the start of the pandemic. There’s all the anger at the government’s handling of it and, conversely, anger at those being angry about the government’s handling of it. People got annoyed enough about their neighbours taking a second daily walk to call the police on them.

Even when the good news started coming, far from the rage abating, it rose. The process of unlocking the lockdowns got us more fired up than the locking down in the first place. OK, it has been a tricky time, we are all under pressure and tempers flare. But why is it – at a time when actual fights break out over such things as wearing or not wearing masks – that we are not all hopping mad about the billions of pounds worth of fraud perpetrated on taxpayers?

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