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Johnson’s riding high, Starmer’s in the ditch… but how much longer will it last? | Andrew Rawnsley

Post-pandemic politics will bring trouble and strife for the government and opportunities for Labour

Did Boris Johnson do something incredibly clever in December of last year and did Sir Keir Starmer do something extremely stupid? You might think so if you look at graphs of their approval ratings. It is to around about then that we can trace the flip in their fortunes that has since seen the Tory leader bounce back from awful ratings and the Labour leader descend from impressive ones to a dismal score. The effect has been to deepen angst about its prospects within the opposition and heighten Tory hubris.

The story of Sir Keir is an encouraging rise in public approval in the first half of his tenure as Labour leader followed by a plunge. He peaked last autumn when he was the most highly rated leader of the opposition since Tony Blair. Then a decline set in that has steepened over the past six months. One recent poll had Sir Keir as badly thought of as Jeremy Corbyn at the same point in his leadership of the Labour party. It is rare for an opposition leader to shoot up like a firework and tumble down like a stick in such a sudden fashion.

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