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Letting in the Uefa variant could be Boris Johnson’s next own goal | Marina Hyde

If 2,500 of the ‘football family’ get a free pass into England, the double standards of our self-isolation rules will be laid bare

How encouraging to see Uefa masterminding a return of jeopardy to the Euros. Not in the football, you understand – putting four third-place teams through simply further deflates the group stages of an already format-compromised 24-team tournament. But threatening last week to take the final away from Wembley and move it to Hungary unless 2,500 of their dignitaries can swerve quarantine – well, this is the stuff of which perilous thrills are made.

Not that a Budapest final wouldn’t offer something fresh: large numbers of openly racist and homophobic fans who are finally under investigation by Uefa for their conduct thus far during the tournament. The governing body has sensationally abandoned its high-level probe into German captain Manuel Neuer’s decision to wear a rainbow armband, and seems to be belatedly taking a look at “potential discriminatory incidents” at Hungary games against both Portugal and France . Honestly, you don’t get into football policing for that, do you? Sad when public eyebrow-raising means you get pulled off the equivalent of an unpaid parking ticket and required instead to waste your time on something far bigger – but I guess that’s life in the governing body’s crack investigations unit.

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