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Melbourne has lost its status as Australia’s place to be. But there is hope – dressed in denim overalls | Anna Spargo-Ryan

The vibes that saw Australians flocking to Melbourne for a better way of life have faded thanks to the pandemic

There’s no need to remind Melburnians that the pandemic was hard. There’s also no point – they can’t hear you, they live in Brisbane now.

The numbers in the news this week tell a grim story about Victoria’s net migration since Covid. ABS data shows more than 180,000 residents fled the state for others during the pandemic, a net loss of more than 30,000. It’s the first time Victoria has had negative interstate migration since 2008. In the second half of last year, Victoria lost 335 a day to interstate migration – to Queensland, mostly, which as I understand it is largely seafood buffets and fibreglass pineapples.

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