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Here are the main stories of the day.

Scott Morrison has landed in the UK and immediately launched a love bomb in Boris Johnson’s direction, declaring the UK leader to be a “big, bold thinker”. Morrison is one of the G7 Plus invitees to the Cornwall summit, where he’ll be chatting to world leaders in person, for one of the first times since the pandemic began.

Climate, and in particular Australia’s lack of climate policy, is one of the big issues, but upon arriving in the UK, Morrison was keen to speak about commonalities. One of those being Johnson’s ‘vaccinate the world’ push.

I mean, we’ve put in place supply contracts, you know, many times over what is needed for the Australian population. We did that to ensure we were covering as many bases as we possibly could and so that puts us in a very strong position, as we’d always hoped to, to be supporting not only our own region – and I think what’s quite unique about Australia’s contribution here of 20m doses is where we’re going to send them and these aren’t going into large warehouses centrally that could end up going anywhere – we want to ensure that we’re taking responsibility for our region, our family in our region. We’ve done that all along.

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