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Morning mail: EU denies blocking vaccine, bank culture getting worse, NZ travel tips

Wednesday: The European Union denies Morrison government claims Covid vaccine doses have been blocked from being shipped to Australia. Plus: Kiwi creatives share their local travel tips

Good morning. What has happened to 3.1m AstraZeneca vaccine doses that were meant to be administered to Australians by now? That’s one of several big unanswered questions about Australia’s slower-than-expected vaccine rollout. It seems not much has changed after the banking royal commission, according to employees. And if the New Zealand Covid bubble news was music to your ears, don’t miss our yarn on Kiwis’ top tips for your trip.

The European Union says it hasn’t blocked further shipments of the AstraZeneca vaccine to Australia, contradicting Scott Morrison’s claim that international supply issues are chiefly to blame for missing rollout targets. Overnight an EU spokesperson said the only export request rejected out of nearly 500 received has so far been a shipment of 250,000 doses to Australia in March. The federal government is under fire for the slow pace of the rollout and a lack of transparency about how many doses have been manufactured locally and administered. Crucial data is missing on the government’s vaccine program, including local manufacturing volumes, available doses and herd immunity targets. Now disability services are taking Covid vaccinations “into their own hands”, approaching GPs directly to secure supplies for vulnerable residents, rather than waiting for deliveries to arrive at their facilities. The National Disability Services chief executive, David Moody, said the slow rollout meant they were unable to get the vaccines where their clients lived.

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