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Morrison’s ‘safe plan’ for living with Covid may be necessary, even sensible. But it won’t be safe | Katharine Murphy

What’s coming is a huge (politically risky) dismount from a public health strategy labelled suppression but more like elimination

I’m not sure exactly when the word “safe” was added to the word “plan” in prime ministerial sentences, but it crept there sometime during this parliamentary sitting week. I noticed this particularly on Thursday. “Our national plan is a safe plan,” Scott Morrison told reporters in his courtyard at Parliament House. “It’s the safe plan to ensure that Australia can open up again with confidence.”

In case you’ve missed it, the “safe” plan is the four-phase strategy to reduce public health restrictions once vaccination rates in the population aged over 16 reaches 70%. Epidemiological modelling from the Doherty Institute informs the strategy. If you’ve tuned in this week, you’ll know the Doherty modelling is being buffeted by two headwinds – rolling disputes within the federation, and the more polite zone of expert disagreement. These crosscurrents are all pretty interesting, but this weekend, safety is what I want to consider.

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