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My mother died while Johnson partied. His legacy is one of lies and contempt | Deborah Doyle

His job was to protect people, instead he presided over the deaths of thousands. My hopes now lie with the Covid inquiry

Boris Johnson’s legacy will be one of lies, contempt for the ordinary people he was supposed to protect, and above all presiding over the deaths of nearly 200,000 British people.

He will be remembered as the prime minister who skipped Cobra meetings and allegedly wanted to get himself jabbed with Covid-19 on live television to show it was no different to a cold while the virus was ripping through the country. He will be remembered as the prime minister who allowed our hospitals to become overwhelmed, leaving vulnerable patients at the mercy of the virus and an estimated 60,000 NHS staff with post-traumatic stress.

Deborah Doyle is a spokesperson for the Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice campaign

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