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NSW confirms 1,485 new cases and three deaths; Victoria now at 60% with first dose – as it happened

Gladys Berejiklian says October will bring relief; New Zealand confirms 20 new cases. This blog is now closed.

There’s rain coming (don’t worry, I’m inside) and the umpires are checking the light, so we might call stumps for today. Thanks all for your comments, correspondence and company. All of you, be well (and listen to Professor Peter Doherty (no relation – or none that I’m aware of): get vaccinated if you can).

A summary of today’s Covid-19 developments in Australia.

This man is a national treasure…

Apologies for the intemperate language, but I’ve been doing the best I can to persuade those with a healthy immune system to be vaccinated. Trying to understand, I’ve been engaging with those against vaccines, and not getting anything back from them that is supported by hard data

I’ve decided that I will not to waste any more time responding to anyone who is abusive or who is embedded in one or other of anti-vaxxer conspiracy narrative. There’s nothing useful to learn here, it’s a time sink, so I’m automatically blocking them. Some are obviously bots.

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