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Pandemic policy deprives my mother of both family love and her human rights | Liz Saville-Roberts

People with dementia have fared badly in the last two years, and in Wales worst of all

My mother, Nancy, is a scientist. The first person in her family to go to university, she was awarded a doctorate in organic chemistry in 1960. A chemistry teacher for 20 years, she enabled scores of young women to enter careers in science and medicine. She learned Russian for the fun of it and, when she retired to north Wales almost 30 years ago to help with our twin babies, she learned Welsh to a level of fluency that enabled her to act as secretary for a local Welsh-language social club.

She is a gardener, a cat lover and is fond of owls. She is a hill-walker. She is a practising Christian. She is a lover of opera. She is a maker of marmalade. And she is a mother, grandmother and godmother.

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