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PM begins to learn the value of saying nothing – at least £150k | John Crace

Asked for his thoughts about Harry and Meghan, Johnson kept to the script and stayed silent

A flicker of anxiety crossed Boris Johnson’s brow as he was asked for his thoughts on bullying and racism. Only last week, his government paid out a £340,000 settlement to Priti Patel’s former top civil servant at the Home Office who had alleged he was forced out of his job, and his views on watermelon smiles and women in burqas are well rehearsed. But then he realised that the question was about Meghan and Harry and not about him and he visibly relaxed.

Before he became prime minister, Johnson would almost certainly have had plenty to say about the Sussexes’ interview with Oprah Winfrey in a hastily dashed off £5,000 piece for the Daily Telegraph, but now he is struggling to get by on £150k a year he is learning the value of silence. He had nothing but admiration for the Queen and he wasn’t going to comment on anything else. A second journalist tried to get him him to say something about everyone in the royal family other than the Queen, but still Boris kept to his script. It was best for him to say nothing, so nothing was what he was going to say.

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