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Quizmaster Johnson leaves Javid to answer the awkward questions | John Crace

The health secretary was clearly tetchy at having to go on air to clear up the PM’s messes

Your starter for 10 … Sajid Javid audibly bristled. Ever since the photo of Boris Johnson hosting the Downing Street quiz night appeared at the weekend, cabinet ministers have become even more tetchy about being asked questions. So the health secretary was on the defensive throughout the morning media round and made little attempt to disguise the fact that he was appearing under duress. His return to cabinet has not been nearly as much fun as he had hoped.

But with the Omicron variant spreading at breakneck speed, the Saj had little choice but to turn up to explain why the government had yet again been caught on the hop. How come, said Justin Webb on Radio 4’s Today programme, the government hadn’t accelerated its booster programme last week – or the week before – given the Omicron threat?

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