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Revealed: the full inside story of the Michelle Mone PPE scandal

• PPE Medpro and partners made as much as £100m profits
• At least £70m from PPE Medpro contracts taken offshore
• Small electronics firm behind supply of gowns for NHS
• Jet, yacht and racehorse purchased after PPE deal
• Tory peer and husband now selling yacht and properties
• Mone takes leave of absence from Lords and may leave UK

On the sunny spring evening of 7 May 2020, in the lethal first wave of the Covid pandemic, the Conservative peer Michelle Mone and her husband, Douglas Barrowman, had themselves filmed for Instagram. Standing between the stone pillars at the front door of their mansion on the Isle of Man, they clapped for NHS staff, carers and other key workers, as they did weekly from different parts of their Ballakew estate.

“As always, Doug and myself would just like to say a massive thank you tonight to everyone … that are keeping the country going,” Lady Mone posted. “We appreciate each and every one of you.”

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