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Scotland Yard vetting ‘not fit for purpose’, says former police chief – as it happened

Lord Stevens accuses Met of ‘extraordinary blunders’ and questions vetting process over which Cressida Dick presides. This live blog is now closed. For coronavirus updates, please follow the Covid-19 live blog

A Sinn Féin minister is seeking legal advice after the latest DUP no-show at a cross-border political meeting.

Stormont communities minister Deirdre Hargey said non-engagement in the North South Ministerial Council (NSMC) meeting was a “serious failure” to comply with Stormont’s ministerial code.

This government’s complacency and failure to get a grip on supply chain disruption has led to the impacts we’re now seeing.

For month after month, ministers were warned by business about the risks to recovery but they collectively buried their heads in the sand. This supply chain disruption is now causing a ripple effect damaging our manufacturing industry with business and the British people paying the price.

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