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Shall we vaccinate our children? We could start by asking them first | Russell Viner

If under-18s are vulnerable, let’s jab straight away. Then we need a wider plan that doesn’t leave teenagers as the unvaccinated ‘class apart’

The UK vaccination programme has been an extraordinary success. However, as most adults become “double jabbed”, it is the unvaccinated who are left to catch and spread this virus. This throws the spotlight on to children, teenagers and schools. We can see this already, with infection rates rising in teenagers and young adults (who are only starting to be vaccinated) but staying low among the doubly-vaccinated middle-aged and elderly.

What to do? Should we vaccinate teenagers (and, later, younger children)? I asked my own in-house expert, my teenage son. He felt he didn’t need a vaccine but would have one “if it made things go back to normal”. Just one view, but it made me think that one answer to our dilemma is to seek the views of teenagers; it strikes me as both puzzling and remiss that their voices have been largely absent. We would never consider vaccinating other minority groups without seeking their opinion, and yet almost all surveys report the views of parents rather than young people.

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