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‘He didn’t strike me as a serious candidate:’ questions about DeJoy’s qualifications

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy did not seem to be a “serious candidate” to serve as postmaster general during an interview with the agency’s board of governor’s, David Williams, a former member of the board, told Congress on Thursday.

DeJoy did “particularly badly” during his second interview for the position, when John Barger, a Trump appointee to the board, had to complete question answers for DeJoy and explain what he meant.

“He didn’t strike me as a serious candidate,” Williams told the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

DeJoy’s role in leading the agency are under heavy scrutiny amid reports of widespread mail delays across the country. Donald Trump has admitted he does not want to fund the postal service because doing so would make it easier for Americans to vote by mail this fall. DeJoy announced this week he was “suspending” recent changes believe to be causing delays until after the election, but many worry the damage has already been done.

Williams also said that Barger, not the outside search firm looking for a new postmaster general, brought DeJoy’s name to the board for consideration. The Washington Post reported Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin recruited DeJoy, a major Republican donor without prior USPS experience, to the position.

Williams said he did not believe DeJoy underwent a background check before being appointed to the position. Questions about DeJoy’s business entanglements and potential conflicts of interest have come to light in recent weeks.

Williams also raised concern about recent decisions to remove mail sorting machines and mailboxes, saying they were puzzling and would not save USPS money.

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