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The Guardian view on Covid risks: shielders need shields | Editorial

Millions of clinically vulnerable people will bear the brunt of the government’s new emphasis on personal responsibility

The ill-judged gamble of the government’s current pandemic policy will create losers as well as winners. Anyone lucky enough to escape infection or recover from illness quickly, while benefiting from looser restrictions, could be counted in the latter category. In the former group will be an unknown number of people killed or made seriously ill by Covid, with doctors warning of up to 2,000 hospitalisations a day; and also those bereaved or otherwise adversely affected by the decision to throw caution to the wind next Monday.

The privileged are far likelier than the average person to find themselves insulated from the new risks that step 4 brings. The end of home working, the abandonment of compulsory masks, the discretion afforded to employers, the lack of rules regarding ventilation – all these factors will place those whose lives are already more precarious in a great deal more danger than those whose wealth, health and status protect them.

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