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The pandemic has reminded us to appreciate small and gentle pleasures | Eva Wiseman

We’re not dreaming of glamour and excitement any more, instead we’ve all had a massive crush on Gareth Southgate

It was a damp-lit evening when my friend Rebecca finally found a holiday. She had been scrolling self-catering sites in small pockets of hope during the previous weeks but, inevitably, all dates during the school break were booked. Her search terms expanded: place, unimportant; bedrooms, if possible; toilet, please but only if that wouldn’t be too much bother. What she wanted from this year’s holiday was simply to leave her house and open the door to somewhere else. Which was when she noticed something. To meet the demand from British holiday-wanters, none of whom were planning to go abroad this summer, British homeowners have made some creative decisions.

What would, in a previous year, have been a family’s conservatory, had been swiftly adjusted to include a small kitchenette and was being offered as a holiday let. There was a shed, too. A nice shed, sure, but very much a shed, a little “Bless This Home” sign hung above the futon as if a plea. With a certain amount of desperate glee, Rebecca booked a place called Pembury Hall. Which is a static caravan in the back garden of a pleasant seeming couple who really like dogs. This is the first time it’s been rented out – it’s not clear if that’s because this is the first time they’ve listed it, or because this is the first time anybody has ever needed a holiday enough to book it.

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