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The planned public-sector pay freeze betrays the heroes Johnson clapped for | Owen Jones

While the Conservatives boost defence spending, key workers’ pandemic efforts may be rewarded with real-terms pay cuts

Clapped, applauded, betrayed. Our key workers were rapturously cheered in the early weeks of the pandemic for their sacrifice and effort from windows, balconies and pavements. Now, in what is already being described as the “cap for carers”, they are to be rewarded with a renewed attack on their wages. “Thank you to the NHS and all of our critical workers for all you are doing to fight coronavirus. You really are an inspiration,” declared Boris Johnson. But prime ministerial platitudes are not legal tender to pay the household bills, rents and mortgages of key workers whose efforts will now be marked with more real-terms pay cuts.

Health workers are supposedly exempt from the coming onslaught, but millions of other public-sector workers who kept the show on the road – in spite of the catastrophic failings of their own government – are to face a potential three-year pay freeze.

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