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Theatre of the absurd as Boris tells country: obey the rules, don’t obey the rules | John Crace

It could have been a fudged compromise, but you can never tell with Boris, for whom language is a moving target

It all comes down to a matter of personal preference. In the opening question, the Tory MP, Michael Fabricant, had described Keir Starmer as the sort of “smarmy lawyer” that the country didn’t want. Shame then, he didn’t think to mention the alternative on offer. A narcissistic opportunist chancer, who is only on nodding terms with reality and has been sacked at least twice for lying. On balance, given the year we’ve all just had, most would choose a former director of public prosecutions. But there’s no accounting for taste.

For what was generally assumed to be the last prime minister’s questions before Christmas, Starmer chose to use the session as a greatest hits roundup. A scorecard of Boris Johnson’s end of year performance. It rapidly turned into a theatre of the absurd as Boris, who appeared to have made an effort to look even more shambolic than usual, yet again failed to answer any of the questions put to him.

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