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This government brought Covid to my father’s care home – and it broke the law doing so | Charlie Williams

The high court has ruled England’s care homes policy in early 2020 was unlawful. It’s a big step towards justice

Joy. Anger. Sadness. I felt every emotion you could think of when I heard the news that the government’s early policy on care homes in England – when elderly and vulnerable people were discharged from hospitals into care homes without being isolated – had been ruled unlawful.

The sadness was because it was a reminder that many of us had lost people needlessly. The anger rose because the ruling is proof that our government was so extraordinarily reckless. After all, it only took the common sense of your average human being to realise that you do not send untested patients into care homes. One of the first things we learned about Covid-19 was that the most vulnerable people in our society were at the greatest risk.

Charlie Williams is a spokesperson for Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice UK

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