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Tories in hiding as Commons scrutinises Michelle Mone’s Covid fortunes

Tory peer not the only one to make herself scarce as Labour queries VIP access for vendor of dodgy PPE

Better late and all that. You’d have thought the Tories might have wanted to remove the whip from Michelle Mone. After all, they wouldn’t want everyone to think that every Conservative peer may be on the make. Or that phoning up Michael Gove and Lord Agnew “for a government contract” is standard practice. Even if it appears to be so.

But apparently not. Instead, Lady Mone has decided to jump. To give her time to come up with some explanation of how a £203m contract went to a company, PPE Medpro, that specialised in manufacturing often unusable PPE – it’s an unusual USP – and £29m miraculously landed in one of her bank accounts.

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