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Tory milkman delivers speech surreal even by Commons’ standards | John Crace

One pint in the hands of Charles Walker makes satire impossible – but is it genius or madness?

It had gone much as expected when the Commons had debated the six-month extension to coronavirus regulations. Matt Hancock had opened in rather lacklustre fashion, safe in the knowledge that there was no chance of a government defeat as Labour had already committed to giving its support, and trying not to sound too condescending when dealing with predictable interventions from Mark Harper and other Covid Recovery Group lockdown refuseniks from his own backbenches.

Yes, said Door Matt, he quite understood his colleagues’ concerns but the roadmap out of lockdown was not up for discussion. In fact, he couldn’t even guarantee he wouldn’t be back in six months’ time making the case for a further extension if some new variant or a third wave made further restrictions necessary.

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