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Trump formally renominated by Republicans as convention gets under way – live

Postmaster general Louis DeJoy continued to defend his leadership at the United States Postal Service amid questioning from Congressional Democrats about nationwide delays in mail service.

DeJoy is a major Republican donor without postal service experience who took over as postmaster general in June. Since he took up the post, Americans have experienced mail delays and mail volumes have fallen.

“While we have had temporary service declines, which should not have happened, we are fixing this,” DeJoy told the chair of the committee, New York Democrat Carolyn Maloney, when pressed on newly obtained documents. DeJoy also said the postal service has the capacity to deliver mail-in ballots this fall, and delivering them in a timely way is a priority for the agency.

DeJoy also but distanced himself from the decisions to remove street mail boxes and mail facility sorting machines. He said again he would not restore the equipment, even after he announced earlier this month he was pausing changes until after the election.

“I did not direct the removal of blue collection boxes or mail processing equipment,” he said.

DeJoy offered few details on what analyses, if any, USPS had done before implementing a program to try and get trucks to run on time. He also did not explain exactly what the agency was doing to facilitate that. While DeJoy noted mail volume was declining, he also offered no details on who made the decision to move sorting machines or the justification for doing so.

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