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‘Trying to do our best’ is just not good enough from our leaders | Katharine Murphy

Australians with real problems have a very low tolerance for politicians feigning helplessness

I know there have been abundant outrages this week, and we’ll get to them. But let me start with something electrifying before we pilot towards dispiriting.

Political reporting can be like battling chronic low-level tinnitus. In my job white noise is deployed so people lose their bearings. But Thelma Schwartz, the principal legal officer at the Queensland Indigenous Family Violence Legal Service, burned through the fog. Schwartz began her contribution to this week’s National Women’s Safety Summit by acknowledging her ancestors, the “women who came before me, who laid the foundations for me to be here as an Indigenous woman, as an Indigenous lawyer”. The preamble was about more than referencing country and kinship. Summoning the past surfaced an intergenerational struggle to get a seat at the table. “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and children have not been seen – they have been silenced”.

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