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UK coronavirus: restrictions tighten across country as record new cases reported for second day – as it happened

Lucy Mair, 49, from Manchester, is everything but impressed with the way her daughter’s university has handled the coronavirus outbreak on campus.

Her daughter is a first year at Glasgow University, having arrived 12 days ago and living in Murano, the largest student village and epicentre of the current outbreak at the university.

“Every single flat around her has positive cases, only her flat of 12 so far has not tested positive but they are in self-isolation anyway for 14 days due to having had contacts with others who have now tested positive in other flats,” Mair told the Guardian.

“The lack of support from the university is mind-boggling. Despite purporting on their website, Twitter and Facebook accounts that they are supporting students who are self-isolating and positive this could not be further from the truth.”

Mair said her daughter and many others in halls had not received any communications from the university, “apart from a sign that was slapped on their flat door telling them to self-isolate”.

“When they had to ring and ask what they should do about food and laundry they were told to wash their clothes in their bathtub and that they would have to sort their own supermarket food delivery, it took them three days to get a slot. There is no welfare support, mental health support, daily check-in to see if they are OK and need anything, even though they have two 17-year-olds amongst them for whom the university has an extra duty of care,” Mair said.

“Meanwhile the flat above had played music from their flat yesterday, including Queen’s I Want to Break Free”. They have received an official warning from the university. For what? Playing music while under lockdown? Since when is that banned?”

Mair added the university had provided “zero assistance” in getting students tested for coronavirus.

The kids were arranging the tests themselves,” she said. “I and other angry parents suggested the uni should get a mobile testing unit in, and lo and behold they finally did yesterday, a week after the first positive test. Even now they are not testing all the students in the Covid-riddled buildings – only those who have symptoms. It’s a shambles beyond shambles.”

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