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UK Covid live news: minister casts doubt on Dominic Cummings’ credibility ahead of him giving Covid evidence to MPs

Latest updates: prime minister’s former top adviser to offer testimony including on mistakes he claims No 10 made as coronavirus hit Britain last year

Dominic Cummings has been tweeting all week ahead of his evidence today – you can read his mammoth Twitter feed here – and this morning he has topped it up, with a picture of a white board in Downing Street, where on Friday 13 March No 10 staff started drawing up plans for a lockdown. Until then the plan had been for “mitigation”, a softer approach to protecting the public, which is often characterised as the “herd immunity” strategy. On Monday 16 March Boris Johnson announced what was effectively a soft lockdown – he told people to stay at home – and a week later the full, statutory lockdown was announced.

65/ First sketch of Plan B, PM study, Fri 13/3 eve – shown PM Sat 14/4: NB. Plan A ‘our plan’ breaks NHS,>4k p/day dead min.Plan B: lockdown, suppress, crash programs (tests/treatments/vaccines etc), escape 1st AND 2nd wave (squiggly line instead of 1 or 2 peaks)… details later

Most striking unanswered question from the Dominic Cummings photo of the Downing St Covid planning whiteboard from March 13, 2020:

“6. Who do we not save?”

Good morning. Today we are going to get what is probably the most eagerly-anticipated select committee hearing in the Commons since Rupert Murdoch turned up 10 years ago to answer questions about phone-hacking. This morning’s attendee is another sometime hate figure for liberal, progressive Britain, although Dominic Cummings is now primarily seen as a Covid whistleblower and a figure hell-bent on damaging Boris Johnson’s premiership, rather than the Vote Leave mastermind who was largely responsible for putting him in No 10 in the first place.

Here is my colleague Aubrey Allegretti’s preview story head of the hearing.

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Grant Shapps just described Dominic Cummings as “Captain Hindsight” on Times Radio

I will leave it to others to judge how reliable a witness that former adviser happens to be.

He was certainly an adviser of the Government. It’s for others to decide the trusted part of it.

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