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Here is some comment from the Science Media Centre on today’s REACT study suggesting that suggesting that Covid cases are doubling in England every 11 days. (See 9.13am.)

From Prof James Naismith, director of the Rosalind Franklin Institute medical research centre

The survey shows that the delta variant is spreading most rapidly in the younger unvaccinated cohort. The second vaccine dose is once again shown to be highly effective at reducing infection and hospitalisation, this is most clearly seen in the elder (mainly vaccinated) cohort. The case for increasing the coverage of the double vaccinated as rapidly as possible is clear. I am confident that when and if we reach 85 % coverage of double vaccination of the population capable of onward spread, then the UK will indeed be able to live with the virus.

What’s remarkable is how close the REACT-1 results for this round (and the round before) are to the [ONS’s Covid Infection Survey, CIS] results for England. REACT-1 estimates that, on average during their latest round, 0.15% (or 15 in every 10,000) of the English community population would test positive for the virus. That’s about 1 in 670. Because the estimate comes from a survey, there’s some statistical uncertainty, and the number could plausibly be between about 1 in 560 and 1 in 830. The latest official estimate from CIS for England, for the week from 30 May to 5 June, was that about 1 in 560 would test positive, with a margin of error from 1 in 480 to 1 in 680.

A late-night deal on Irish language legislation has averted a crisis that threatened to collapse Northern Ireland’s government, my colleague Rory Carroll reports.

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“Poots is rollover king.” Jim Alister, TUV leader.

Several DUP MPs and peers have written to leader Edwin Poots expressing concern about political developments and urging him to stall the nomination of Paul Givan as First Minister until there is wider consultation.

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