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UK Covid live news: ministers set to announce additions to green list for international travel

Latest updates: no major opening up expected, with Malta and the Balearic Islands potential destinations that could be added to green list

Boris Johnson has been campaigning in Batley and Spen this morning, ahead of the byelection taking place there next week.

It was fantastic to visit @foxs_biscuits in Batley, I couldn’t resist getting stuck into a Jam’n’cream with our candidate @Stephenson_Ryan.

He’ll work with me to secure more jobs, more police and more investment for Batley & Spen, so vote for Ryan on 1st July.

At the Lords European affairs committee this morning João Vale de Almeida, the EU’s ambassador to the UK, said the EU was willing to be flexible in how it implements the Northern Ireland protocol.

Vale de Almeida also said he was confident that the UK and the EU would be able to resolve their dispute about how the protocol is implemented, and he said the protocol actually offered “huge opportunities” for Northern Ireland.

I’m not talking about the protocol as such, I’m talking about the flexibilities that we agreed that have not yet been fully implemented.

If they had been fully implemented, some of the problems we have today would no longer exist.

[The UK not acting unilaterally is] a sign that we understood as a constructive sign. I think it contributes to a better atmosphere.

We need to build on that and try to find within the bodies that we set up, within the procedures that we set up, consensual and jointly agreed solutions.

There are huge opportunities for Northern Ireland [under the protocol]. This is a territory that has access to the biggest internal market in the world for goods, our own internal market, and to the British, to the GB market. No one else has this access.

So for industry, for farmers, for the retailers, but also foreign investors, there’s a case to be made about the attractiveness of Northern Ireland.

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