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UK Covid live news: ‘whole generation’ of children could be failed without educational support

Latest updates: government needs to set out ‘bigger, more ambitious programme’, says education expert Dr Lee Elliot Major

Senior Tory MP Robert Halfon said the government must “decide their priorities in terms of education” and that the Treasury can “find the money from the back of the sofa”, where there is the political will.

The chairman of the education select committee told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme:

Of course there are funding constraints but the treasury announced over 16 billion extra for defence only last year, we’ve got 800 million being spent on a new research agency, 200 million being spent on a yacht.

So where there is the political will, the treasury can find the money from the back of the sofa, and there has to be that political will because we need a long-term plan for education, a proper funding settlement.”

We need some radical thinking, some thinking out of the box, a proper long-term plan (for education) and I will keep campaigning for that, and a proper funding settlement so that that plan is properly resourced.

Home Office minister Victoria Atkins told Sky News the amount allocated by the government to help pupils catch up after the pandemic was “huge”.

She said the government was “determined to get (children) back on track” and insisted the 1.4 billion announced on Wednesday for tutoring was “a huge amount of money”.

But what I’m saying is the point about targeting those children who are most affected by the pandemic is absolutely what this money is about.

We want to have a course of tutoring, 15-hour tutoring courses for up to six million of these courses, that’s 100 million tuition hours extra that this money is paying for.

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