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UK politics live news: Boris Johnson warned he will lose if MPs vote on reversing cuts to aid budget

Latest updates: David Davis says Tory rebels are confident that if a vote took place, the government would lose

Lisa Nandy, the shadow foreign secretary, told Sky News this morning that cutting the aid budget was not in the UK’s interests. She said:

The government is making a real mistake, they’re about to go into the most important week in many, many months, the G7, with a major plank of global Britain in tatters.

[Boris Johnson] could change his mind, he could reverse this, he could just admit that cutting global aid in the middle of a pandemic is the wrong thing to do. It’s short-sighted, it’s not in Britain’s interest and he could solve this very quickly.

Gordon Brown, the former Labour prime minister, restated his opposition to the government’s cut in aid spending in an interview this morning. He told BBC Breakfast:

It’s a life-and-death issue, we’re actually deciding who lives and who dies, particularly at this point where if we withdraw the money for vaccination it’s the equivalent of pulling away the needle from a kid or from an adult who is sick who needs the vaccination, a 90% cut, for example, in support for polio vaccination.

There has been an all-party consensus, all parties, for 25 years that we need 0.7%, we need to play our role in the world by being one of the leaders in aid and, really, this is not the right time to pull things away because basically this is when the poorest countries need help most.

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