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We’re almost close enough to touch freedom. But is the end of lockdown a mirage? | Zoe Williams

Countless parties, not to mention weddings, not to mention wedding cakes, are ready to go, as we await another fateful government decision

It’s very like a mirage, isn’t it, the route out of lockdown? From April’s distance, “freedom day”, 21 June, seemed likely to the point of being inevitable. It was so obviously going to happen that there wasn’t much else to be said, beyond: “Oh ho, that’s convenient, isn’t it, so close to the prime minister’s birthday on 19 June?”

I was planning a housewarming, delayed since November. Mr Z absolutely loves parties – gigantic ones. His ideal scenario is to pack a room so tight that somebody will definitely get set alight – because, in the end, with enough candles and enough bodies, it’s just a numbers game – and the only creature who can move around freely is a cat (which we don’t have), like in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. You can raise any objection – 200 people? Really? What will they all eat? – and his answer is always: “Frazzles.”

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