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What cost of living crisis? Bumper executive bonuses make a comeback

As staff grapple with rising food and petrol prices, average pay of FTSE 100 bosses has risen to pre-Covid levels

“If that had been our CEO, he would’ve been on the front pages with whiskers painted on him and labelled a greedy fat cat,” remarked the executive, chewing on a roasted scallop in a busy north London restaurant. The diner works at an energy supplier and has just seen the thumping £6.5m handed out to John Pettigrew, boss of National Grid, the privately owned national electricity operator.

Pettigrew’s job in charge of a low-profile, non-customer facing infrastructure business perhaps spared him from scrutiny. But it is AGM season, when executive pay deals are published and put to a vote by shareholders, and there will doubtless be others who become an emblem of corporate largesse as worker discontent deepens in the coming months.

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