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What working from home has taught me about my partner and myself | Emma Beddington

Even after 26 years together, Covid life has thrown up surprises – he spends 95% of his days on speakerphone, I need 10 snack meals a day

How has Covid affected our intimate lives? I’m not talking about sex – my family have suffered enough – but has the unrelenting closeness of this year opened or closed up faultlines in our relationships?

It’s complicated. I am, for instance, writing this on the sofa and not at my desk in the bedroom, because my husband is having a siesta with the dog. As an intolerant and prickly cohabitee, I have mixed feelings about this: it’s irritating (I want the desk), a relief (an hour of silence) and delightful (I love this newfound canine-human closeness).

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