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When lockdown saps our hope, we can start scheming like Tom Hanks in Castaway to flee this desert island | Zac Seidler

As our worlds shrink, much attention has been paid to what’s been lost, and it has stifled a drive for dreaming of what could be

As lockdowns drag on across much of Australia’s eastern seaboard, nerves fray, boredom and restlessness abound, and financial and housing insecurity grow for many. But there’s one essential resource once coveted in the early days of the pandemic that seems to have dried up: hope.

Even the thought of writing a piece about hope in the current climate fills me with dread, as if offering an aspirational message amid this stressful news landscape is tone-deaf and foolhardy. But Friday is World Suicide Prevention Day and so I’m proposing for that day at least, we do things a little differently, to shine a light into the dark.

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