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Who should be applauded for the vaccine programme? Certainly not the Tories | Zoe Williams

While Boris Johnson attributes the success of the rollout to greed and capitalism, the credit should actually go to scientists, experts, NHS staff and volunteers

My friend C was getting her vaccine round the corner from my house and wanted me to go with her. I thought this was for my sparkling company but actually it was because she was scared. She’s the most incredible baby. She got us lost – surely, on some level, deliberately – but there was no prospect of her missing her appointment since everybody, from the stewards to the form-hander-outers to the nurses, is just hell-bent on making this work. I haven’t seen such a symphony of joyful intent since I used to work the beer tents at festivals.

“You’re surely not old enough for a jab?” the first steward said to her. “Right?” I nodded in agreement. “You should give it to me instead, I look way older than her.” This is a source of pain for everyone who knows C. When I told the kids I was going to Amsterdam for her 50th, my son said: “WHAT? She’s older than you?” and my daughter said: “She looks about 20.” Then I railed for hours about how biologically impossible it would be for a person with a 20-year-old daughter to also be 20, while driving like the angriest woman alive, so they’re unlikely to make that mistake twice.

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