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Who’s clapping now? UK healthcare workers with long Covid have been abandoned | Kelly Fearnley & Shaun Peter Qureshi

Frontline workers risked their lives for us, but now many with long Covid risk losing their jobs

UK frontline doctors, like the rest of our NHS colleagues, stepped up to provide medical care to patients with Covid-19 from the start of the pandemic, long before any available Covid vaccines. Most were not furloughed nor able to stay home, but continued to provide healthcare, at considerable risk to themselves.

Now, like tens of thousands of other healthcare workers, we have a chronic illness and disability – long Covid – as a result of infection acquired in the workplace. It now appears that workers who risked their lives to provide essential medical care are facing not only chronic illness and organ damage, but also potentially financial destitution. It is morally indefensible that healthcare workers in this position are now being abandoned.

Kelly Fearnley is a foundation doctor at Bradford Royal Infirmary. Shaun Peter Qureshi is a specialist registrar in palliative medicine in Glasgow

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