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Why are male politicians in love with topless vaccine selfies? | Priya Elan

Essential to the vaxxie checklist are an off-the-shoulder shirt, Viking-level chest hair and a twinkle in the eye

Are you man enough for a vaxxie (that’s a vaccination selfie to you and me)? That’s the question some of us are asking after having seen a host of politicians pose shirtless while getting their Covid-19 jabs. Not since Vladimir Putin shared those topless holiday pics, perfecting the butterfly stroke and breaking actual twigs with the simple power of his legs, have there been such strangely intimate insights into those who rule over us.

There are rules to the vaxxie: you must have Viking-level chest hair, you must let your shirt hang like Morrissey in his first appearance on Top of The Pops, and you must cut a straight to camera look that suggests Dr Ross-era George Clooney. The twinkle in your eyes should make clear that you are absolutely not going to wince when that needle comes near you.

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