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Why Boris Johnson is getting resentful and paranoid about Rishi Sunak | Andrew Rawnsley

Fear and loathing stalks Downing Street as the prime minister smarts at the growing power of his next-door neighbour

The prime minister has cemented his reputation as a careless pair of hands and the leader of the opposition has struggled to make his voice heard. There is only one senior British politician to have got through the past 18 months with consistently positive approval ratings from both the voters and his party’s members. Take a bow, Rishi Sunak.

The humiliating exit from Afghanistan is further enhancing his standing among Conservative MPs, if only because it has diminished the stature of rivals. The Tory backbenchers who queued up to lambast the prime minister in the Commons see further evidence that Boris Johnson is no good in a crisis. Reputational damage has also been inflicted on the prime minister’s titular deputy, the foreign secretary, Dominic Raab. If a contest to be the next leader of the Conservative party were to be held tomorrow, the chancellor would be the man to beat.

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